Thursday, August 9, 2012

....and Freud was an utter shit too.

Yep, picking up from yesterday's.

C.S. Lewis was a religious quack, but ol' Siggy was just a plain old quack.

The big incident that makes that glaringly stand out for me, is...nasal sex.

Yep, he became buddies with this fella, name of Wilhelm Fliess, who had some cockamamie theory about the nose being analogous to the sex organs, and that they played a role in sexual attraction, and therefore, sexual dysfunction, or some such.

Well, we know now that there is indeed a pheromone sensing gland in there, but old Willy took it to the next step that if Siggy was right about all problems being related to sex, and all sex is related to the nose, then, you could fix everyone's head problems by fixing their noses, and started performing unnecessary surgeries on them.

And, of course, Siggy thought this was great, and started recommending patients over to this ya-fucking-hoo.

Apparently, the guy was a butcher* as a surgeon, because he caused an infection that caved in Emma Eckstein's face.

Emma never held it against Siggy, but, in today's society, he would have been sued into homelessness.

Anyway, Siggy gets a few points for being a super-duper-atheist, his "The Future Of An Illusion", makes "The God Delusion", look like fucking Carebears.
(Any religionist blubbering about Dawkins being "strident", needs to get some perspective.
And a spine).

Buuut...his seeing cocks everywhere, and thinking he could break down absolutely everything in the mind with Deity/myth labels the way he did with The Oedipal Complex, just screamed of a performer trying to recapture their first greatest hit.

As far as I know, there are no more staunch Freudians, and if there are, they're laughed at by the mainstream establishment, and are pelted with tomatoes, melon rinds, coffee filters, and diapers.

Well, Frasier Krane is one, but he's fucking imaginary.

Speaking of imaginary, I did like his appearances in "Bill & Ted's Excellent Adventure",  "The Seven-Per-Cent Solution", and TNG's "Phantasms".

"Kill zem! Kill zem all!".

So, how do these two dead old quacks relate?
Well, that's coming up next time....

*actually, that term has always bugged me. A properly trained butcher has to practically be a surgeon in precision cutting skill.
Why not something like, a jack-hammerer, or a...whatever those Japanese steak house guys are called?
Y'know, the ones that hack away at the food, and juggle knives, and pepper shakers, and play with the food, to entertain stupid upper-middle-class white people?
Those guys.

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